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Order NO. D199985
英文名 Anti-GST mouse monoclonal antibody
相关类别 标签抗体 储存 冷冻(-20℃) 避光
宿主 Mouse 反应种属 GST tag
标记物 Unconjugate 克隆类型 mouse monoclonal
抗原 GST    
编 号 包装 库存 目录价(¥) 您的价格(¥) 数 量
D199985-0100 100 ul 现货


Background: GST (Glutathione S-Transferase) is a 26kDa protein which was widely used in the pGEX family of GST plasmid expression vectors as a fusion protein with foreign proteins.GST isoenzymes appear to play a central role in the parasite detoxification system. Other functions are also suspected including a role in increasing the solubility of haematin in the parasite gut.
Applications: WB
Name of antibody: GST
Immunogen: Recombinant GST protein
Full name: Glutathione S-Transferase
WB Positive control: six different HEK293T over-expression lysates containing different GST tagged recombinant proteins, and one GST-DDK bacterial lysate produced in E.coli.
WB Recommended dilution: 2000-10000
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