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Order NO. D263674
英文名 Anti-DBX2 rabbit polyclonal antibody
别名 developing brain homeobox 2
相关类别 一抗 储存 冷冻(-20℃)
宿主 Rabbit 反应种属 Human
标记物 Unconjugate 克隆类型 rabbit polyclonal
抗原 DBX2    
编 号 包装 库存 目录价(¥) 您的价格(¥) 数 量
D263674-0025 25 ul 现货
D263674-0100 100 ul 现货
D263674-0200 200 ul 现货


Background: DBX2 is a member of the developing brain homeobox (DBX) protein family, but while the related protein DBX1 is expressed in various regions of the developing brain, DBX2 shows a more restricted pattern of expression in the brain, and is also expressed in some mesenchymal cells such as limb buds and tooth germs. It is thought that DBX1 and DBX2 promote the development of a subset of interneurons, some of which help mediate left-right coordination of locomotor activity. In Xenopus, DBX2 is involved in primary neurogenesis and early neural plate patterning, and is thought to act as a cross-repressive partner of NKX6-2 in the patterning of the ventral neural tube.
Applications: ELISA, IHC
Name of antibody: DBX2
Immunogen: Synthetic peptide of human DBX2
Full name: developing brain homeobox 2
SwissProt: Q6ZNG2
ELISA Recommended dilution: 5000-10000
IHC positive control: Human brain
IHC Recommend dilution: 20-100
Sample Application

  • The image on the left is immunohistochemistry of paraffin-embedded Human brain tissue using D263674(DBX2 Antibody) at dilution 1/20, on the right is treated with synthetic peptide. (Original magnification: ×200)

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