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Order NO. D110507
牛IgG (H+L)
英文名 Bovine IgG (H+L)
相关类别 IgG 储存 冷冻(-20℃) 避光
编 号 包装 库存 目录价(¥) 您的价格(¥) 数 量
D110507-0010 10 MG 现货
D110507-0050 50 MG 现货


Background Immunoglobulin G (IgG) is one of the most abundant proteins in serum with normal levels between 8-17 mg/mL in adult blood. IgG is important for our defense against microorganisms and the molecules are produced by B lymphocytes as a part of our adaptive immune response. The IgG molecule has two separate functions, to bind to the pathogen that elicited the response and to recruit other cells and molecules to destroy the antigen. The variability of the IgG pool is generated by somatic recombination and the number of specificities in an individual at a given time point is estimated to be 1011 variants.
Applications Optimal tested applications and working dilutions must be determined by the end user.
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